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 About Us

    "By Alumni for Alumni"


The association was founded by a Belgian Alumnus from the George C. Marshall European Centre for Security Studies (GCMC).  Initially the total number of Belgian alumni was too small to justify setting up a purely national association. This number was also insignificant compared to the little less than 200 alumni, from more than 40 different countries, present in Belgium. As such it became clear that an association in Belgium for all GCMC alumni in Belgium could contribute to the GCMC Alumni Office's mission to

"connect, communicate and cooperate" with graduates and collectively create a more stable world

After concertation with the GCMC Alumni Office and taking into account their guidelines and advice the Belgian GCMC International Alumni Association or BIAA was founded as an informal forum for all GCMC alumni present in Belgium.



The Belgian GCMC International Alumni Association's multiple missions consist of:

  • developping a network of international alumni in Belgium.
  • informing the alumni on security studies related events throughout Belgium and particularly Brussels.
  • providing international alumni from the GCMC present in Belgium with an occasional platform to exchange thoughts, ideas and experience on dealing with contemporary security issues.
  • preparing future GCMC program participants for their stay at the center by sharing alumni experience.
  • assisting the George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies, and the Alumni Office in particular, in achieving their respective goals where and when possible.



The BIAA Logo

The Logo carries in its center the logo of the GCMC and demonstrates the origin of the inspiration behind the association.

The GCMC logo is surrounded by a ring representing the associations name while highlighting its Belgian footprint with the Belgian national flag's colours.

The combined NATO and EU logo, as well as the Belgian national flag's colours represent the different institutions and national representations in Belgium to which the different alumni have been assigned.

The acronym for the Belgian GCMC International Alumni Association has been chosen to be BIAA.

 The Motto

 "By Alumni for Alumni" represents  both the providers and clients of support and most importantly the interaction between them.


About Us