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The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies

The mission of the Marshall Center is to create a more stable security environment by advancing democratic institutions and relationships, especially in the field of defense; promoting active, peaceful security cooperation; and enhancing enduring partnerships among the nations of North America, Europe and Eurasia.

The Marshall Center conducts a variety of unique programs involving to date officials from more than 110 countries. Most programs are taught in English and Russian. The center's resident programs have a long-term academic focus while its non-resident programs focus on current issues and problem solving. Graduate support specialists work to maintaining contact with and support more than 60 percent of all Marshall Center alumni.


Areas of Strategic Interest


This unique German-American partnership supports U.S. and German national security strategies and security cooperation guidance. The Marshall Center focuses on the most important issues confronting the region, including:


  • Terrorism, including waging the "Battle of Ideas" to delegitimize terrorism and support for terrorism
  • Internal instability jeopardizing the territorial integrity of nation states, as well as regional stability and peace
  • Regional and local crises that could turn into transnational threats and/or spur transnational terrorism
  • Proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and attempts to prevent it (missile defense; arms control regimes)
  • Security implications of the information revolution, revolution in military affairs, and interoperability
  • Missile defense
  • New role of NATO
  • Implications and applicability of the revolution in military affairs, information revolution, and interoperability
  • Peace and stabilization operations, crisis management for humanitarian and emergency situations
  • Dialog between "Western nations" and Islam
  • Role of European Union (EU) after enlargement
  • Relationship between EU and NATO


Their Commitment


The current environment provides a unique opportunity to fashion a world in the 21st century truly different from the past centuries of conflict of the era of the nation-state system. The Marshall Center exists to help educate those leaders from North America, Europe and Eurasia who will forge a brighter future for all nations.


The Marshall Center contributes to the national strategy of security cooperation throughout the region with tailored, professional education and research, dialogue, and the persistent, thorough, and thoughtful examination of issues that confront our client nations today and in the years ahead. Those who come to the Marshall Center will have an opportunity to identify common values, create transnational friendships, work toward common understandings, and build a more peaceful and cooperative political and security environment throughout the region.


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